How It Works

Sign up/Sign in

  • Go to the menu
  • Click the register tab
  • Provide an email address and create a password
  • Click register and you are set
  • The page will divert to the home page and you are ready to play.


  • Species page is where you will find the classes families and individual species. This is how you will make your uploads.

My Account

  • This is your profile. You will be able to track all the species you have found and see all the badges and points you have gained. You can find friends and follow accounts.
  • Go to your profile, there are badges. These are awarded only once you have fulfilled the badge requirements. Eg 5 birds that migrate to South Africa.
  • At this stage you are set to go. Each species awards you points and it’s your aim to gain as many points as possible. Points help you level up as an explorer. This will open more opportunities on the platform such as challenges and tasks.
  • The aim of go capture is to collect all the species and become a Legendary Explorer

Facebook Group

  • Go Capture ZA Facebook group is of great importance as this is the place where users will go to get help with identifying the captures that you have made if you are unsure.

How to play

  • Go and make a capture/ take a photograph of a wild animal.
  • If you know its name then go on species page and type in the search button the name and if it shows then click the link and it will take you to that species page where there will be a button to “capture this species”
  • Click the button and fill in the name of the species and attach the image of the species(the image must be recognizable)
  • Click “capture” at the bottom of the page and then you can go to your profile and you will see it should have appeared. Points for captures are refreshed every hour so don’t stress if you haven’t received points right away.