About Go Capture

Go Capture is a field exploration gaming platform. Members are required to travel far and wide in search of attaining wildlife sightings from around the country. The more sightings a member finds and photographs, the more points they gain. This is the main goal of go capture, Points help you level up as a Go Capture Explorer. While members complete the 1740 species list, they will be earning badges and entering challenges that will result in prizes being won and point bonuses being awarded.

Go Captures vision is not only to collect sightings but to learn about the vast wildlife that lives on land on in our oceans. This will hopefully make members more aware about their surroundings and those who call it home.

Each creature holds a difficulty in finding them and this will dictate the points that members will gain once achieved. With leader boards revealing the top explorers of the week, month and year, there is always a reason to pick up that phone or camera and head outside to see what they can find.

Go Capture has a vision and this competition platform works as a helping hand to attain this vision. Go Capture aims at holding a relevant data base of the widest amounts of species within the country. This is so we, as a company, can analyse species interaction and behavioral changes. With this information Go Capture wishes to secure pieces of habitat that my be under threat by development and turn these areas into wildlife corridors.


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